Hydraulic Trailers: 

Boats to 35′ and up to 9 tons:   

  • Small Truck/Trailer – driver included
  • $11.25 per foot plus mileage
  • $2.75 per loaded mile
  • $1.75 per unloaded mile

Boats 36′-65′ and up to 30 tons:

  • Large Truck/Trailer – (driver included)
  • $13.25 per foot plus mileage
  • $3.25 per loaded mile
  • $2.25 per unloaded mile

Storage Customers:

  • Flat Trucking Rate $132.00 per hour – (driver and mileage included)

Extreme Draft Fin Keels:

  • Hauled at Front Street Shipyard using travel lift, washed in sling and set on our trailer.
  • Launched at Front Street Shipyard using travel lift
  • Charge for transport plus Front Street’s bill
  • No Trailer Submersion/Wet Launch Fee applies

Difficult Driveways/Barns:  We include 2 hours of time PER MOVE to transfer boats to/from our trailers. Any additional trucking time incurred due to difficult buildings, roads or other obstacles, or unforeseen circumstances will be billed at $132 per hour.

Trailer submersion:  $58.00 Maintenance Fee: charged when trailer is submerged

Other Transport:

Trailered Boats or Cargo: 

  • $58.00 per hour – driver included, plus mileage
  • $2.00 per loaded mile
  • $1.00 per unloaded mile


  • $2 per foot transport rate plus $58.00 per hour handling (per foot transport fee waived for storage customers)

In-yard Transport (to/from shops)

  • $5.00 per foot for small hydraulic trailer
  • $6.00 per foot for lauge hydraulic trailer
  • $58.00 per hour for trailered boats

Additional Labor (if applicable): $58.00 per hour

Long-range and special transportation may involve other costs such as permits, tolls, escort vehicles, ramp fees, and overnight travel expenses and will be discussed during the estimation of the project. At our discretion, we reserve the right to refuse the transport of any boat or trailer due to safety or security concerns. 

Seasonal Storage:

Winter Boat Rates (September 1st to June 1st):

Indoor Storage:

  • Annex: $7.50 per sq ft (LOA x beam) – limited customer access
  • On-site: $9.00 per sq ft (LOA x beam)
  • Boat stands included

Outdoor Storage: $31.00 per linear foot (LOA), boat stands separate

Trailered Boats: 

  • Outdoor: $23.00 per linear foot (LOA)
  • Indoor: $7.50 per sq ft (LOA + outboard x beam)
Summer Boat Rates (June 1st to September 1st):

Indoor Storage: $2.50 per sqft, boat stands included

Outdoor Storage: $5.50 per linear foot (LOA), boat stands included

Trailered boats indoor: $2.50 per sqft

Trailered boats outdoor: $4.50 per linear foot (LOA)

Other Storage Rates:

Empty trailer storage: Outdoor $1.00 per foot (outdoor only)

Dinghy Storage: Indoor: $300 per year

Mast Storage:

  • $3.00 per foot annual indoor storage (less than 60′)
  • $4.00 per foot annual indoor storage (over 60′)

Boat Stand Rental:

  • $28.50 per stand per year on-site
  • $38.50 per stand per year off-site
  • 8×8″ blocking: one time fee of $10 each when used off-site

Chains are included with all boat stand rentals. Boats or trailers left in storage or rented equipment still in use after the scheduled term will be charged accordingly.

Service & Labor Rates:

Our services include:

  • Carpentry & joinery
  • Bottom Blasting & Fiberglass
  • Gelcoat & Poly Flake
  • Electronics & systems
  • Paint, Awlgrip & Varnish
  • Rigging
  • Crane Services

Standard Labor Rate: $58.00 per hour

Mechanical Labor Rate: $60.00 per hour for mechanical, electronics, systems & plumbing

Crane: $125 per hour (billed from time of departure to time of return) – operator and mileage included 

Deposits & Billing:

A 100% parts deposit and 25% deposit on labor is required to begin all estimated work, deposits for special-order parts are non-refundable. Invoices paid within 30 days of receipt avoid finance charges. Payment in full of any outstanding balance is required before launch/haul unless other arrangements have been made. 

2018-2019 Belmont Boatworks Rate Sheet
2018 Fall & Winter Service Rates

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