We here at Belmont Boatworks are engaged in an effort to improve the quality of the care we give to our customers’ boats. We feel we should be more helpful and pro-active in is making suggestions that may improve our customers’ safety and enjoyment.  To this end, we have begun a program of quick, free, routine inspections that take place whenever a boat is released into our care, if circumstances & time permit. This is not a survey and we don’t promise to find every flaw—it is just a brief look at typical problem areas.  If we find anything we think you might like to have attended to, we will report it to you for your consideration. In some cases we may provide an estimate, and in others we may send a list from which you can request estimates if you wish.

Obviously we expect this routine to generate some more winter work for us but we also want to find any problems early before they become last-minute work that could delay your launch in the spring, or which could cost you sailing time during our all-too-brief season. Of course you may choose to attend to any such items yourself, in which case we figure the inspection has still served. We also intend to do more follow-up in the spring, making another quick check just before turning each boat over to her owner, in an effort to ensure that the boat reflects well upon the yard and is truly ready for use. Again, this will be a no-charge item.

Your comments and suggestions about this initiative and any other ways we can improve our quality of service are very welcome.

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